Yax Business Consulting exists because we knew there had to be a better way to connect local businesses with local people than the stuff that I saw out there.

When we didn’t find it, we created it. 
Because that’s what hard workers do.

You already know just owning your business and telling people that it exists isn’t enough to gain consistent new customers.
We can’t expect people to remember our business when they need what we’ve got.
(But MAN, when that does work …🤤🤤🤤)

Here are the facts.
Local people need to be able to find you:

  1. When they need you.
  2. Conveniently.
  3. With enough info so they can decide what to do next.

My team and I can bring you Exclusive, High Quality Leads
using our own powerful combo of local research, proven results, and onoing improvement.

We can even help you narrow your target of local customers using our proven research processes (yeah, we won’t expect that you already have this nailed down).

Then, our brilliant Ads Director dives into the minds of these local people in need of what you offer so his ads can enter the battle in their minds to win them over to your side.

And above all else, my team and I are relationship centered, passionate, ethical people who just love nerding out on local business marketing.

We believe that entrepreneurship is the ANSWER to rebuilding the American middle class.
And we believe one way we can help
is to connect the customers and local businesses who need each other.

I hope we can help you stabilize your income and grow your business together, well, together!

Warmly 🙂
Cheryl Yax
Founder, Yax Business Consulting